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Tower City - Cabernet Sauvignon

Tower City Cabernet wine bottle label

Wyandotte Winery celebrates the historical and cultural landmarks that make our home state of Ohio a great place to live and work.

Like the Terminal Tower is the foundation of the downtown Cleveland skyline, our dry, bold Cabernet Sauvignon wine is the foundation for a hearty meal. A bold bouquet and rich, flavorful palate combine to make for a wonderful wine experience. Dry. Alcohol: 13%. Volume: 750 mL.

Price: $21.00 per bottle

Statehouse Cabernet Merlot wine bottle label

Statehouse - Cabernet Merlot Blend

The stately architecture of one of Columbus' most prestigious landmarks graces our delicate Statehouse wine.


A wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Statehouse is a dry, bold red wine with just a hint of oak and has a good potential for aging in the bottle. Dry. Alcohol:13%. Volume: 750 mL.

Price: $21.00 per bottle

Heirloom - Unoaked Chardonnay

Heirloom Chardonnay wine bottle label

In the Brewery District, near the historic German Village area of Columbus, Ohio, stands the old Bavarian Brewery. Built in 1849, it is one of several breweries that flourished in this area into the early 20th century. Today, this wonderful cultural
heirloom is restored and stands as a reminder of a rich ethnic heritage.

Our wonderful Chardonnay wine is crisp with just a hint of oak.  The wine has a rich palate and fresh flavors of apple, pear, and tropical fruit, and has a smooth, silky finish. Dry. Alcohol:11%. Volume: 750 mL.

Price: $19.00 per bottle

Ice House - Gewürztraminer

Ice House Gewurtztraminer wine bottle label

The label artwork for our Ice House Gewürztraminer wine is of the magnificently restored Ice House building in the historic Brewery District of Columbus, Ohio. The warm cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger hues of the building's century old bricks, the gracefully arched windows, and the classic architecture wonderfully reflect the traditional floral aromas and spicy finish of this lusciously gentle, round wine.
Ice House is a semi-sweet wine, but tends to be less sweet than most Gewürztraminer. Semi-dry. Alcohol:11%. Volume: 750 mL.


Price: $19.00 per bottle

Santa Maria - Delaware

Santa Maria Delaware rose wine bottle label

One of the lesser known grape varieties, Delaware is well suited to Ohio's climate. First introduced around 1850 in Delaware, Ohio, it is a red grape primarily used to produce white and rose style wines.


Our Delaware wine is made in a semi-sweet style with a bright acidity and a fruity palate. This is a great summer time wine. Semi-sweet. Alcohol:11%. Volume: 750 mL.

Price: $17.99 per bottle

Sweet William - Sweet Red Wine

Sweet William Red Blend wine bottle label

One of Columbus’ favorite downtown parks and lovely Sweet William flowers are featured on the label of Wyandotte’s signature sweet red table wine.


Deliciously fruity, this rich blend of traditional American and French-American hybrid grape varieties will enhance any occasion. Sweet William has been a customer favorite at Wyandotte Winery for over 20 years. One taste and you will understand why! Sweet. Alcohol:12%. Volume: 750 mL.

Price: $17.99 per bottle

Wintertide - Plum Wine

Wintertide Plum wine bottle label

The lovely winter scene on our Wintertide label is of Eden Park in Cincinnati. The park was built on land that was originally a vineyard owned by Nicholas Longworth, a man famous for building the Ohio wine industry in the 1800s.


This sweet, fruity wine can be served chilled, at room temperature, or lightly warmed to take off the chill of a cold winter's day. Sweet. Alcohol:11%. Volume: 750 mL.

Price: $19.00 per bottle

Hope Pomegranate wine bottle label

Hope - 100% Pomegranate

Sometimes all you need is a little hope. That is particularly true for those who are battling cancer. Hope, our unique pomegranate wine, is dedicated to our community's fight against cancer. A portion of the proceed s from every bottle of Hope provides support for those who educate, teach prevention, and work tirelessly for a cure.

Let us unlock a new adventure in wine for you! Semi-sweet. Alcohol:12.5%. Volume: 750 mL.

Price: $28.00 per bottle

Vin de Cacao chocolate wine bottle label

Vin de Cacao

A wonderful red wine, slightly sweet, infused with deep, rich chocolate. A decadent way to enjoy your wine, Vin de Cacao. Semi-dry. Alcohol:12%. Volume: 750 mL.


Price: $25.00 per bottle

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