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About Wyandotte Winery Vineyards - Ohio Grown

In 2010 Wyandotte planted the first vines in the 30+ year history of the winery.  There are just a few vines, 75 to be exact, there is not a lot of land to plant on around the winery.  Valerie chose the vines, and decided to plant a grape variety called Marquette.  It is a new variety developed by the University of Minnesota and includes Pinot Noir in it's development.  Marquette is a red grape, very cold hardy and disease resistant, and although new, it has the potential to make very nice wine.  Valerie tends the vines on the property, and we expect our first real harvest in 2013.

In 2011, a gentleman named Andrew Colopy came into the winery and talked with Robin about growing grapes.  That conversation grew into a partnership, and in 2012 Andrew planted the first acre of grapes on his property.  The new vineyard is called Broken Fence Vineyards and is located in Danville, Ohio, about an hour northeast of Wyandotte Winery.

Broken Fence Vineyards is growing several different grape varieties for Wyandotte.  The first planting in 2012 included Marquette and Baco Noir.  In 2013 the Marquette and Baco Noir plantings were expanded, and a few Vidal Blanc and Cabernet Franc vines were added to see how they will do on the property.

All told there are about 2 acres of grapes planted at Broken Fence Vineyards, and Wyandotte is excited about having the grapes to make wine!