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Our Team

Robin Coolidge - Winemaker, Owner

Robin was born in Bay Village, Ohio, and has lived in Ohio his entire life, the majority of that time in and around Columbus.  His love affair with wine started more than 20 years ago with a trip to Napa, California.  During the experience, Robin became fascinated with the subtle intricacies that are associated with wine.  When he got home, he started making wine from kits, then from juice, and finally as the Winemaker at Wyandotte.  Before becoming a Winemaker, Robin was an Information Technology professional, and spent more than 30 years working with computers.  Robin is also a semi-professional cellist and plays at his church, in a local string quartet, as a part of a local band called Living Water, and occasionally in orchestras around the state.  Robin studied for several years at The Ohio State University and Capital University, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Sound Engineering.  He is currently studying through the University of Minnesota and Kent State University in Ohio on a degree in Enology and Viticulture.  Robin is married to his wife and business partner Valerie.

Valerie Coolidge, Chief Whiner, Owner

Valerie is married to Robin Coolidge; they have five children and five grandchildren, so far! Valerie exemplifies "jack of all trades master of none." Her greatest accomplishment was raising five children as a full time stay at home mom. She started a home based business during that time, called Gourmet Gifts. As the company grew, she decided to sell the business and go back to school, graduating top of her class in 2005 from Ohio Dominican University with a degree in Theology. She handles marketing, food and wine pairing dinners and special events for the winery. She tends the grape vines and handles all of the winery landscaping. She is passionate about God, family, food & wine and chess!

Ryan Coolidge, Assistant Winemaker, Shop Manager

Ryan has been involved with the family business since 2011. He has managed the wine shop and tasting room for much of that time, and is working with Robin to learn the winemaking side of the business. Ryan has an Associates Degree in Business and is working with Kent State University and the University of Minnesota on a Bachelors Degree in Enology. Ryan is and avid musician, plays guitar, sings, and records.